Welcome to our shop! After 20 years in the field of handicrafts and after 10 years of activity in the blogosphere, we have managed to put together in this space all our passions and activities (the creativity, that already know our blog craft, passion for natural products, health and beauty, organic shop and, of course, children) giving life to a new SUPER-PROJECT: a gift shop for babies and moms, made with creativity, enthusiasm and love, using products BIO, cotton clothes and accessories recognized brand (Chicco, Suavinex, Dodot, Weleda ,?).

In our new store you can find some fantastic gift ideas, perfect for a baby-shower, for an original gift of birth or for a gift useful Baptism and effect, as our cakes diaper boxes with products BIO the flowerpots with? flowers? (Made with socks!) And creams BIO, the cupcake made with bibs and socks, all in version for her, for him or UNISEX!

In addition, all products are delivered gift-wrapped and with a super nice packaging and complete labels, tags, greeting cards ... All this for FREE !! What we want is that, once you get the product to your home, do not have to do anything else, just give it to the lucky parents of the creature with our gifts ideas will be SUPER HAPPY! :-)

If you want to learn more about our activity in the blogosphere, visit our Blog DIY Italian (lunadeicreativi.com) or Spanish (lunadeicreativi.es), our blog of recipes in Italian and Spanish (lalunadeigolosi.com) and our blog health and beauty (lunadeisaniebelli.com), I hope! ;-)